Why do you need an HR chatbot?

Prajith S
3 min readApr 20, 2022

What is an HR chatbot?

HR chatbot is an AI software that uses natural language processing to interact with human users. They work on mobiles, websites, and messaging apps and are not limited to any customer servicing forums. HR chatbots help the organizations to stay connected with the employees better and help them handle various aspects of an employee lifecycle. They help bring out the best of the employees as it liberates recruiters from repetitive tasks and helps them focus more on the important jobs.

Some of the major benefits of HR chatbots include:

  • Booking and validating time off and holidays
  • Updating staff information
  • Finding organization information
  • Finding employees’ contact information
  • Answering simple routine questions
  • Managing the onboarding process, like asking and checking the necessary documents
  • Managing timesheet reporting

Why do you need an HR chatbot?

The future of HR is predicted to be dominated by HR chatbots.HR teams today are not only recruiters but also many other things that include employee experience designers, brand builders, communicators, catalysts in change management, etc. Chatbots help eliminates repetitive tasks and frees up time for value-added activities. Below are some of the essential requirements of using an HR chatbot.

1. To convert job seekers from the career website

HR chatbots help improve the conversion rate of the job seeking candidates by interacting with them, clarifying their doubts faster, and handling the FAQs to prevent candidates from churning away from unanswered questions. They can also fill in and update the applicant tracking system (ATS), which can be used for future reference.

2. Save time in the Hiring Process

HR managers have targets to hire people and find the best fit for the company, which can take a lot of time. With their AI technology, HR chatbots can fasten up this process by screening candidates, qualifying them, scheduling interviews, and managing the recruiting life cycle for candidates and hiring managers. Chatbots have the conversation semantics and can detect spammers or unqualified candidates, thus saving time for the recruiters.

3. Onboarding Assistance

Onboarding new employees can be a tedious process; however, with the onset of HR chatbots automating form completions, online registrations, providing instructions on company policies, etc.can be done faster..Chatbots helps to solve all the queries of the employees going through the onboarding process.

4. Employee engagement

A company with good employee management always shows good results with their work. It can be difficult for the HRs to handle all the employees’ queries personally; however, chatbots help in skill development initiatives and career progression and assist with all asset management and change management to create a better work environment. Chatbots help in handling employee questions and improving employee engagement drastically.

5. Cost reduction

Chatbots help save work hours by handling all the mundane and repetitive tasks. This will indirectly result in cost reduction as fewer HR professionals are required, and they can use their time and money for important things for the organizations.

Wrapping up

Chatbots are the best and the most budget-friendly option for structuring your organization’s HR process. It is a game-changer for the HR department, and whether your employees are in Slack, Microsoft teams, emails, messages, or other channels, chatbots can be accessible to them.HR chatbots can handle the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment, onboarding, skill development, internal communication, knowledge management, performance appraisal, payroll and benefits management, etc