How do I sell my NFT collection on Solana?

Prajith S
3 min readMar 23, 2022

What is a Solana network?

Solana network can be defined as a decentralized marketplace that offers the best way to build an NFT marketplace efficiently. Creating a Solana NFT would be the best possible way to mint, purchase, and bid NFTs from different creators around the world.. Solana NFT marketplace gives enormous rewards to the authorities of these platforms and traders. It also reduces the high trading and minting fees, and also it is user-friendly and more revenue-generating for its users. Hence many users create their unique Solana NFT platform with the latest features and technologies.

Why Build NFT Marketplace on Solana?

Solana blockchain is highly scalable in its transaction times and processes upto 50,000 TPS, much higher than Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain. It gives higher throughput and quicker secure transactions without any middleman action which helps in the better trading of the NFTs. Solana reduces the gas fees and lessens the transaction execution time. Hence many people are moving to the Solana network for the rapid and easy buying and selling of NFTs.

How to sell the NFT collection on Solana?

Solana is one of the fastest-growing blockchains that can help buy and sell NFTs.Given below are the steps to follow to sell Solana NFTs.

1. Sign upto

2. First, you need to convert your currency to buy Solana. You need to go to settings and add the payment method, and the best payment option would be PayPal, as it is much faster with the payment options.

3. Next, search for Solana NFT and click on the buy option using the PayPal method.

4. Now, you are the proud owners of the Solana NFTs

5. Next, to sell the Solana NFTs go to the asset option, which will show you all the different coins you earn, and scroll down to select the Solana NFT.

6. Now you have to send the Solana to somewhere else as you cannot do it on coinbase.

7. To send the Solana in your crypto wallet, go to your Phantom account, copy the address and paste it on the Coinbase exchange account. Fill in a few details, and the funds will get transferred.

8. Pick a Marketplace that can be used to buy or sell NFTs using Solana

9. Next, click on the Solana NFT you want to buy/sell, and a pop-up will open displaying its attributes, price, token details, and the option to buy or make an offer.

10. Now click on the sell now option and hit sell.

Concluding thoughts

Solana is revolutionizing NFT trading as it is a cheaper and faster option than the traditional high-cost trading and selling of NFTs. Phantom and Sollet are the most preferred on browsers, plus Solanart and DigitalEyes have a low transaction fee. The crypto wallet you select should be based on your desktop, mobile, or browser requirements and whether you want a particular NFT from a particular Solana collection. For that, you are required to check its marketplace. However, proper research and study should be done before investing in the crypto space and buying and selling the NFTs.