How do I create an NFT marketplace on Solana?

Prajith S
3 min readMar 15, 2022


What is a Solana network?

Solana is a decentralized marketplace that offers the best way to build an NFT marketplace efficiently. Creating a Solana NFT marketplace would be the best possible way. Solana nft marketplace gives enormous rewards to the authorities of these platforms and traders. It also reduces the high trading and minting fees, and also it is user-friendly and more revenue-generating for its users. Hence many users create their unique Solana NFT marketplace platform with the latest features and technologies.

Why Build NFT Marketplace on Solana?

Solana blockchain is highly scalable in its transaction times and processes upto 50,000 TPS, much higher than Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain. It gives higher throughput and quicker secure transactions without any middleman action. Solana reduces the gas fees and lessens the transaction execution time. Hence many people are moving to the Solana network and intend to start current trending NFT marketplace platforms in Solana.

How to create an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain?

Non-Fungible tokens are unique and flexible to be built on different blockchain networks. However, Solana blockchain is the most trending one with high speed and dominating features. The Solana NFT marketplace software is mainly concentrated on the upcoming steps.

  1. Requirements and Analysis: Before launching the project, decide on the needs and analyze the project’s scope.
  2. Documentation: The documentation should have the points required to integrate your NFT marketplace.
  3. Hunt for Developers: Get connected to developers at a leading NFT marketplace development company.
  4. UI/UX design: The UI/UX design should be eyecatching.
  5. Backend Function: The server should be connected to the backend to perform well.
  6. Wallet integration: Connecting highly compatible wallets for a better secure collection of NFT collectibles.
  7. Smart contract: Develop a smart contract with perfect test cases.
  8. Testing: Integrate the beta version so that the platform works as per the client’s requirements.
  9. Service support: Ensure the team supports you 24/7 with all the updates and maintenance.

Top NFT Marketplaces on Solana:

  • Solanart
  • SolSEA
  • Sollectify
  • DigitalEyes.Market

Advantages of Creating NFT Marketplace on Solana:

  • Entirely decentralized platform
  • High-speed transaction
  • Increased security
  • High Scalable platform
  • Provide you huge profit by staking your NFT.

Concluding thoughts

NFT popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, and whether it is the trading cards or works of art, collectors are eager to go to any length to complete their collections. Before creating a Solana NFT marketplace, you should explore how the platform should work and what type of collectors are looking for it. It is crucial to understand how NFT markets differ from other e-commerce platforms. It increases the chances of developing one of a kind platform that digital art fans will appreciate. Suppose you have a plan of creating an NFT marketplace; Solana is the best option as it has a ready-made solution available with a customization facility where the clients can alter the features as per their requirements.



Prajith S